Journey of Studying Abroad

Journey of Studying abroad

The journey of studying abroad is one of a kind and we recommend students to not only gain knowledge from it but also make the best out of it. It’s now time for prepping up to take the plunge. Let us begin!

Before Moving

ESG suggest taking the time to make an informed decision which is substantially important. We suggest taking sufficient time to research about the course and the university they want to enroll with as that is the foremost requirement to move ahead.

The next step is the application process which is extensive, giving the students all the more reason to get informed and prepared about it. It is recommended for students to start creating their application 8-9 months before the admission window. This helps them reassess the application and improve upon it, to put the best foot forward. This should also be the time in your journey where you take the required exams to clear for eligibility.

Universities usually revert with their final decision in 3-4 months depending upon individual universities. If the student is accepted, then the VISA process is started and expected to take an approximate of 2-3 months. This is the preferred timeline to make a hassle-free application.

After The Move

This is the beginning of the students’ dream and we advise on taking up our recommendations to have a flawless and enjoyable experience.

It is always a good option to take up a part-time job to sustain daily needs. But this shouldn’t come at the expense of being harmful to the studies itself.

After you finish your studies and get a degree, you are much better equipped with the current requirements of the Industries. You gain new skills that uplift your position in the market thereby providing you with better career options. Your career prospects increase a lot after your International experience.

ESG Counselling

We at ESG provide you with our expert advice that makes your process tension free and smooth in the long run. Students are likely left behind due to non-availability of some document or untimely application and many such unseen circumstances. All these steps ahead can be taken up by you on your own. You may apply to the university directly and gain access to it. With the help of our team, you will never miss this big opportunity as we take care of everything well in advance. ESG provide free counselling sessions that can be accessed by anybody completely free of cost. We provide you with many services that are necessary for your future ahead. Contact us for any further assistance. We’re always happy to help!